3 Must-Follow Content Tips To Empower Your Sales Funnel

Content continues to be the reigning king for companies forging ahead to strengthen sales funnels for years. Whilst there has been lot changed in terms of immersive technologies and consumer behavior, most content marketers put content ahead to gain a leading edge.

As per HubSpot, “68 percent of consumers feel more positive about a brand after consuming content from them.” 

It only goes on to prove that content still holds the forte. Do not fool yourself into thinking that some sneaky practices may cover up for the lack of content strategy.  In fact, pull yourself up and work on the fundamentals for a perfect lead generation mechanism.

You can use marketing funnel software like Clickfunnels which leverages systematic marketing approach to support ambitious lead generation practices.

Remember, most customers are research-oriented now. Whether they are buying a latest iPhone or looking for a nearby grocery store, they look for vital data or details that fit in their needs.

The Sales Funnel

From creating awareness to providing compelling information towards the end, your content has to framed in a well thought out manner.

Stage 1: Connect To Convey

It all begins at the top of the funnel (TOFU) wherein you have to provide legit information to create brand awareness. All the drafted content must be well targeted and toned to convey the message and create the positive impression.

Google is hyped up to provide the exact information users are looking for – User Intent. Draft the content keeping the varied possibilities of consumer behaviour in close consideration.

Avoid technical mumbo-jumbo unless you are shaping B2B content marketing. Remember, not every prospective customer is tech savvy or has in-depth details of your products/services.

Most customers drop out of this stage only if they fail to get through. Make it simple for them.

Do not fabricate any information or sound desperate/pushy to sell the products. Simplify the content and convey the compelling details that help customers needed to make a purchasing decision.

Some suggested content forms that works well for your sales funnel:

  • Whitepaper
  • Product guides
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Email newsletters

Irrespective of your offer, stick to the point and create informative content to persuade. Put your thinking cap on and create comprehensive content that imparts information convincing users to transcend to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Stage 2:  Win Trust With Concrete Support

Herein, you customer is somewhat familiar with your product. And if he is not, make concerted efforts to project yourself better than many other competing brands.

Educate your prospective customers about how your products adds more value. Remember, it takes patience to build trust. You may need consolidated backing to support your arguments.

Some suggested content forms:

  • Demo videos
  • Case studies
  • Product descriptions
  • Mock tests

All this adds more weight to your existing proposal and compel them to speed up towards final purchasing,

Stage 3: Time To Make The Final Purchase

As you’re inching towards the final conversion stage, all you need to do is give a slight nudge to buy your product. Every customer takes due consideration before putting their money on any product or service.

You must display your true worth before targeted customers commit to your product.

Suggested content form for bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU):

  • Online ratings
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Free trials

For instance, many companies such as Netflix offers free one-month subscription enticing more customers to get real-time experience. It’s a an ideal case of sales magnet that fits in for a Great strategy.

To conclude with

Every single word you churn out pushes a prospective customer in and out of the sales funnel. Own up the responsibility to create content that builds the bridge and stimulate your lead generation results.

Spend quality time filtering your target market and crafting website content to entice and engage customers to general high-quality sales leads that bring real business.

Having said that a winning lead generation strategy takes perseverance for hours.

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