4 Must-Check Parameters To Rate Your Sales Funnel?

Optimally utilizing your sales funnel lies at the core of digital marketing strategies for most companies. Whether its a small setup or an established company, gauging the effectiveness of your sales funnel can help you plug the weak spots and amplify returns.  Without much ado, let’s get straight to the point:

1.    Content Engagement

Content lies at the core of every digital campaign. Engineering engaging and useful content strengthens TOFU (Top-Of-Funnel), Mid-Of-funnel (MOFU) and Bottom-of-funnel (BOFU).

Enticing and enamoring the target market through their compelling tastes and preferences draw high-quality leads to your website. 

Use Google analytics to determine key metrics for content engagement. This includes visits, views, comments, links, bounce rate to your website. Instead of analyzing every webpage, focus on the performance of targeted pages that give you fair insight. 

Typically, out of hundreds of visitors to your website, you’re likely to gain a handful of leads, say 1-2% every month. This is a testament to the fact that ingenious efforts are needed to gain, nurture and milk the leads.

For a moment, consider your blog page views. If they are low, you must boost user engagement with highly-effective and purposeful content that brings in more buzz to your company and get a high CTA %. 

Remember, a tangible goal for your sale funnel strategy largely depends on the effectiveness of your CTA. It must be compelling enough to draw empowering leads for your business.  We’ll discuss CTAs in detail in the next section.

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2) Call-to-Action

Having visitors on your website but low CTA does not bode well for your sales funnel.  Websites with well-crafted and placed CTAs gain more organic traction and leads to real business growth.

To get a better idea, determine the CTA% throughout the sales funnel i.e. Top/Middle and Bottom of the sales funnel.  This enables marketers to re-evaluate the relevance of the CTA buttons for the entire content.

Well, making assumptions based on your perception may or may not accrue you evidence-backed results to determine the potential of CTAs.  Instead, you can run the A/B test ( also known as a split test).

Determine if sticky CTA at the top bar works or the sidebar. For that matter experiment where it draws more clicks with A/B testing.

3) Form Submission Rate?

Many websites have contact forms to get vital information from prospective customers. If that’s crucial, set up goal conversion on Google Analytics.

Determine if you’re getting a satisfactory submission rate across the Top/Middle and Bottom of the sales funnel. Get smarter and optimize your landing page well to avoid slack response for the submission form.

4) Email Marketing

Effective email marketing brings prospective customers closer to your company. Keep them updated on every purposeful step the company takes in its best interests.

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Automate the email sequences to spread awareness of the products/services and encourage them to generate sales. A well-crafted email sequence provides more opportunities to stimulate sales at different stages of the sales funnel.

While you may have done your job well, it’s difficult to ascertain if emails are having the right effect.  Determine the key metrics for your email marketing campaign such as open rates, click rates and, click-to-open rates (CTOR).

While email open rate and click rates are known to most marketers, the click-to-open rate ( CTOR) is underutilized. This metric is calculated as the ratio of the number of unique clicks and the number of unique opens.

Remember, every single factor matters to determine the influence of your email content on the listed subscribers.  From the email subject, title to the main content, every word leaves a good or bad impression on the readers.

For instance, if you’ve got an email open rate of 60%, it means at least 6 people found the email subject line good enough to open it. For a click rate of 3%, means the link in the email was clicked on by at least 7 readers.

In this aforementioned case, CTOR turns out to be – 50%. 

Wrap your mind around what these metrics convey to optimize your email marketing campaign for enhanced user engagement and better returns.  Having elaborated on these key parameters,  you may still not get the complete picture of the job!

What Next?

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