5 Must-Dos in Email Marketing Automation For Sharp & Slick Campaigns

Winning a customer is not a road easy to walk on for any company. A startup, small company or industry leader, marketers spend painstaking time in education and enticing potential customers towards products/services.

From the standard or traditional marketing to dynamic marketing strategies, a lot goes into influencing the decision of an individual to encourage sales.

If you go by the study of the Content Marketing Institute, 35% of B2C companies opt for marketing automation.

That goes on to show how companies are fast moving towards to convince and clutch the prospective customers to add to their revenue bucket!

As per Marketo:

“Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.”

A well thought out marketing automation strategy allows prospective customers to follow an organic journey. There is no desperation but diligent attempts to impart the right education.

Hopefully, by now you can envision what exactly we are pointing fingers at. We have 5 such recommendations that can get your email marketing campaigns on the right track:

1.  Hola!

Always make your prospective customers feel welcomed. Shoot a welcome email as a friendly gesture to make them feel part of their growing community.

It can be a subscriber for blogs, newsletters or just a new customer. Remember, the first impression is the last impression; you can NEVER go wrong here else you’re doomed!

Introduce the new member to your business in a unique manner. A big NO to long emails explaining verbose details of business, history, achievements, members and yadda yadda.

How about creating an exciting copy like; ‘let’s start the fun’ or ‘ are you ready to play right off the bat’? pique their interest In your product in style.

Have a look at this:


Instead of being DESPERATE, IKEA plays in SUBTLE. They do not go overboard with “By stuff now!” but draws the attention of the subscribers to their newly-concocted programs and other content conduits.

Craft razor-sharp welcome emails that add value and not mere flowery words. Let them know how your association can be good for their business.

Starting from the subject line to the conversational tone, keep it simple and friendly between you and the subscriber. Let’s face it: We, the internet-freak community, are literally hounded with compelling ads to sign up for this or that, almost all the time.

So, if someone has put their bet on your brand, it a big DEAL

Value people who believe in you!

2.  You & I, In this Beautiful world …

Does that ring a bell? the Hutch dog Ad that sparked mind-boggling interests amongst the audience. That’s how well the advertisers played the masterstroke. The soft tone and the surreal feel left everyone gaping at the little pug!

Create that kind of non-interruptive feel with your follow up emails to encourage subscribers to take the next step.  Schedule the emails wherein you add something worth about your products or services to compel them to seriously consider the offer.

For instance, email per week or fortnight. Build the interest about the next email so your email remains at the back of their mind.

3.  The Cart Is Full!

How often, we fill the shopping cart but keep pushing placing the order. Reasons can be anything but as marketers, you must remind them how exclusive their cart is

For e-commerce companies, filled carts are nothing less than a nightmare. Shoot the account holders emails at predetermined intervals to remind them what they have left unfinished.

If you have any offer for the products on cart, let them know and you may just push them to make the final purchase!

4.  Make Them Feel Family

There is hardly anyone in the world who does not like being wished on birthdays, anniversary or any special winning moment.  Send your warm wishes along with special offers or discounts on certain days to your loyal customers.

If they are not your customers yet, even then make it a habit of making them feel special.

Hard to keep track of every customer? Make proper settings and automate your emails for all the members!

5.  Do You Like It?

Most e-commerce companies keep a track on the likes and dislikes of their members. Which product is frequently bought, the size, the color, brand and what not. They are snooping around your digital footprint on the web and mobile apps.

Why? To know their prospective customers better; to compel the one-time buyer to make a repeated purchase; to convince the loyal customers to continue their allegiance.

Send personalized suggestions through special emails to drive sales conversion. Target their preferences to keep them updated on the new stock of products or services.

Be creative and not customary!


Despite the odds that many companies are on the same tangent as yours, marketing automation helps in nurturing prospective customers throughout your sales funnel.

Whether TOFU, MOFU or the BOFU, keep your email marketing automation efforts effective and sustainable for encouraging results.

Remember, marketing automation can be a game changer for your business.  From converting potential to the permanent customer to permanent to the perpetual customer, your automated campaigns can do wonders!

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