5 Must-Dos To Make Lead Magnets Strategic To Your Sales Funnel Success

Lead magnets have become integral for the success of your sales funnel. They extract the potential information to convert them from a prospective customer to actual customers.

Basically, they are your marketing tools to collect the contact information of the leads in lieu of offering some vital information resources.

Possibly the biggest challenge is to fasten up the entire process. Be it your podcasts, newsletter subscription, whitepapers, or downloads, they all take its good time to be actually productive.

While lead magnets may not fundamentally alter the landscape, sprucing up the strategic approach whilst building and publishing them can make a significant difference.

Herein, we will give shed light on some important steps that can make your lead magnet all the more attractive for your sales growth:

● A Well Defined Purpose or Goal

There is no replacement to providing customers what they are looking for. While you are weighing different options, be clear of the value your customers can expect from it.

Do not try doing multiple things and ending up messing it all. Ideally, focus on only one thing at a time.

For instance, if your customer wants to set up a GTM tracking code, a video sounds a better option than giving an ebook manual.  Right? Assuming that your customer is not tech savvy, make it easy for him or her do the job.

If you made it right this time, chances are good he’ll opt you again for another service in the future. Build long-term relations with your customers for sustainable profitability.

● Render The Best Solution To Problems

Rise above the randomness and focus on providing the most purposeful information to your customers.

For instance, there are a hundred other sites providing weight-loss tips and instructions. How can you make it different? Possibly a customized weight-loss plan according to your health vitals seems a better fit. Right? It shows you care for their specific needs.

Do not set unreasonable expectations. They can be potentially fatal for your brand. Have a followup on your provided solution. For instance, a survey?

● Instant Solutions

Time is money. You simply can’t get wrong with that. Customers gravitate towards immediate gratification. Your lead magnet must serve its purpose in the least possible time. A few clicks are all that changes the fate of any brand.

It’s no brainer that people want to shed weight as quickly as possible. Instead of giving them an elaborative plan of the month or so, why not give then a daily or weekly exercise chart to shed weight in quick succession.

Play on the psyche; they will be getting benefited on a daily basis.  Whether a downloadable video or a weight-loss chart, offer them full value right away!

Always remember, if your users are not feeling the difference or the promised value, their journey with you wouldn’t be lasting long.

● The 3S of Perfect Content

Content remains the reigning king of the digital space. Follow the principle of short, simple and specific to keep it going for your lead magnets.

A lead magnet need not be a conundrum for your audience. Who has got the patience to pile up more complications? None!

Your users know what they are getting into. Do not complicate things with an unnecessary explanation or lengthy details. Stick to the point – clear and concise lead magnet takes you a long way.

It is essential to effectively communicate what they will receive as they opt-in for the lead management ( for instance, newsletters ).  A lead magnet need not be ambiguous, but instead, should serve the clear and crisp agenda!

● Comfortably Digestible

What does that mean? It’s all about making it easy for your audience to walk the road to consume your lead magnet.

A long 2 or 3 long detailed instructions for setting GTM tracking code would bore anyone.  Do not make it hard for them. Your ultimate aim is to convince the audience about the brand value so they complete the customer journey down the sales funnel.

Make sure consuming it is a breeze for them.

These are some of the highly rated steps that can help marketers to optimize their efforts to employ lead magnets to create a consolidated sales strategy.

As we wrap up …

Lead magnets must be configured to make the journey of your customers from the top of the sales funnel till the bottom easier.

A valuable lead magnet helps your audience to see through the brand significance enabling sharing of his or her contact information. Do not slip over the fundamentals of a sharp and slick content strategy that works well throughout to fuel lead conversion.

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