5 Questions When Answered Can Transform Your Email Marketing Funnel

How often you have noticed your inbox deluged with emails you know little of? Most people just push that as spam or trash in no time!  In either case, your marketing emails are not well received and often end up being useless.

For companies spending a truckload of money in optimizing their marketing strategies, it is not a piece of good news! Informative and engaging emails often fall victim to such practices that do no good for your business.

Bridge the gap with the end customers and convince them about your products/services with a sharp and slick email marketing funnel.

Herein, the blog will shed light on how a professionally developed email marketing funnel helps to transform the fate of your business.

Let’s Understand Email Marketing Funnel

Every customer walks through a journey marketers decide upon. Starting with creating product awareness, it leads to final conversion that can help you garner more customers than ever!

As you’re sending a slew of emails, make sure it serves the intended purpose and help you earn the desired ROI.

Remember, the goals of email marketing funnels are:

  • Imparting rightful information to educate customers.
  • Milking relation with email subscribers
  • Sharing compelling information to encourage sales
  • Market response/sentiments

Each step of the email marketing funnel is relevant and integral to the process of your core lead conversion model.

Let’s answer five such questions which when answered can bring in high-quality sales leads for your business:

● How Much Are Your Customers Aware?

The first and foremost question has to about determining the knowledge quotient of your targeted customers.  You can’t be expecting sales generation if the customers are oblivious to your new product or service.

For instance, if its Apple, Facebook, Google or any popular brand, you may need not put in any extra effort. But if its a company competing with hundred others in the industry, the customers at the top of the funnel got to be made aware.

Cultivate the culture of brand awareness through educational content such as a product brochure to connect with potential customers.

Let’s accept that emails can be boring to read.  So, the content of your marketing material is of utmost importance. It should be crisp and clear enough to grab the attention and compel them to enter the next stage of the funnel.

● Do They Need More Information?

Assume you have the attention of your targeted customers, but is that all? You can’t be leaving them high and dry there!

Provide them with more concrete information that can help them build trust in your brand. For instance, related blogs, demo videos, webinars or case studies that can relate to the product.

Having supportive information in your emails can strengthen the connection and build the momentum you need for sales conversion.

A few pointers to consider while sharing information:

  • Authentic and purposeful information about products or services
  • No vague or generic data or details
  • Engaging and grammatically refined content
  • No self-bragging; concise information and the website link should be enough.

Just ruminate over what all you would want to read or hear to purchase a product/service.

● Are You Giving Them Anything Extra?

There is no dearth of competition out there in the market. You got to pull the game up to slightly budge the potential customers to make the purchase.

Do not sound too desperate and instead create an air that organically persuades them to go for it! For instance, limited offers, discounts, free shipping, rebates on other products and many such lures can help you walk that extra mile.

  • Big NO to random offers; keep it inclusive of the purchase
  • Perfectly placed CALL TO ACTION buttons
  • Responsive landing pages; get some interesting templates to design various pages.
  • A well-designed website with good speed.

● Are You Earning Their Loyalty After Purchase?

For many marketers, the job is over once the purchase is made. However, that is not an ideal practice, and in fact, make sure you have forged a strong bond with your customers by now.

Show them that you’re grateful for the first purchase. A simple thank you email or a text speaks a lot about the company and their ethics towards the customers.

Just like after-sales service is important so is the follow-up emails! Keep them updated and informed with tips/videos/instructions to make the most value out of their purchased product.

The main intent of the follow-up is to convince the customers that they made the right decision and the same company can be considered for future purchases too. Keep your buyers engaged with special offerings so they are always in the loop about your activities and other stuff on the block!

● Will They Recommend You?

Having made the sales is great but what if you can make the buyers your brand ambassadors? Well, marketing through word-of-mouth has given great results to most companies. In fact, it gets a thumbs up from most companies to achieve their ambitious sales targets.

Approach your customers with recommendations, if they have any. Whether in friend circle, office or social gatherings,  there is always scope to connect with many prospective customers.

If your customers rate you high on reviews and happy with your after-sale services, then why not rope them on for recommendations?

  • Special offers on additional purchases
  • Free newsletters
  • Incentives on recommendations
  • Product reviews/reports

Keep your existing customers content so they promote your brand value and bring in more buyers for your business growth.

As We Wrap Up …

A well-strategized email marketing funnel campaign could do wonders for your business. Turn your first-time buyers into lifelong customers or brand loyalists for sustainable benefits.

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