5 Tools that Help Repurpose Content for Sales Funnels

A full-fledge content marketing strategy can make or break your sales funnel. Whether you are new to this business or a polished player, sales funnels are supposed to be sharp and slick to entice and engage customers for sustainable results.

If you’re up to maximise your return on investment, optimally utilize the existing content to lure the biggest of the bounties through the sales funnel.

Wondering how to do it? Well, we have filtered out five such tools that can come handy to marketers as they sit back to forge some smart strategies:

User Personas

As the name goes by, they represent your potential buyers of products and services. Possibly the most crucial facet of the user persona is determining at which stage he or she belongs to in the sales funnel.

Once you have managed to get a grip on the nuances of the buyer personas, the chances are good to create a user-oriented content that gets maximum response.  Its advised to establish 3-5 buyer personas before you start mapping their journey through the sales funnel.

  • Suggested Content To Raise Awareness: Blogs, Landing pages, Whitepapers, ebooks, FAQs etc.
  • Suggested Content To Evaluate Offerings: Testimonials, case studies, podcasts, newsletters etc.
  • Suggested Content To Close The Deal: Free trials, in-person demos/consultations, Coupons and deals, quotes etc.

Editorial Calendar

Over years, it has become an essential for content marketers to organize, curate and schedule the content they wish to publish in future.

From blogs, to social media posts to marketing campaigns, you can practically exploit multiple opportunities to use the same content at different stages of the sales funnel.

It can be in the form of a spreadsheet or pre-designed templates from other companies. Schedule the content for different digital platforms and get it churning results for your sales.

Social Media Re-marketing Tags

Have you noticed visitors just meandering on your website without making any positive action? Often. Right?  They possibly just come and ruminate over couple of things and leave without doing anything sensible.

What if you can compel them to make the conversion? That’s where retargeting comes into the picture. Possibly every facebook has seen it on their feeds – ads about the tote bag you purchased online last week or some sponsored ad of latest marketing event so on so forth.

They do not appear magically in your feed. It all happens with adding social media re-marketing tags from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to your site.

Remember, social media has caused huge frenzy with  nearly 70%  of all U.S. adults are active on at least one social network. Create ads to retarget your website visitors to down the sales funnel for some real business.

Marketing Automation

How about streamlining your marketing strategies with sophisticated software and technologies? Take content marketing a notch higher with marketing automation tools to identify high-quality sales leads to fuel the business.

With billions of users worldwide, social media has become a digital marketplace on its own right. Just maintaining a facebook page can be a herculean task, let alone twitter, instagram, linkedin so on so forth.

How can you do it all at once? – marketing automation. Get all your workflow for marketing and sales streamlined to support lead nurturing and customer engagement.


Blog continues to be centre of content marketing strategies. Remember, just publishing the blogs would not suffice the purpose. Get out of your nest and think out-of-the-box to generate content that satisfies the existing market and draw new customers.

Keep yourself updated of the new and the latest to update content that can be used at different stages of the sales funnel.

Having repurposed content across different platforms helps in creating awareness of your brand. No need to fear of violating Google guidelines.

Make sure you add infographics, videos, editorials etc in your content strategy to draw different set of customers.

In the end

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