How To Use Facebook Ads To Drive Sales

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It is no more a secret that Facebook ads are a powerful tool for your business. And, as already known, more than 3 million companies were benefited from this platform and their spending represents 19%  of the total spending on mobile marketing.

So, here we are not going to rehash what you gonna find elsewhere online. But, a more important aspect “The Overall Success Of Your Campaigns”-  how can facebook targeting options be beneficial to reach your targeted audience at a different aspect of sales funnel.

Arrayed with the practical knowledge, this insight will surely help to grow your business with Facebook ads.

So, Foremostly Why Facebook Ads?

As a marketer, you have multiple channels where you can invest your advertising budget. For example earning from paid ads on Facebook and Google AdWords to social media marketing and content marketing, etc.

So, why facebook ads?

Practically, Facebook ads are the best growth drivers for business – specifically the best growth channels in general. But, let’s see technically

  • It has inherent social nature, which makes this platform catch significant personal data, giving advertisers an incredible level of control for targeted messages.
  • Facebook offers tools for brands hoping to reach social media users, including the ability to upload data on Facebook as a part of the custom audience.
  • The networks broad reach and affability proffers a tremendous number of technical tools to aid advertiser target and scale their campaign. They ensure to facilitate the process of testing, placing, and measuring ads.

Facebook Ads Vs Google Adwords  

The Facebook ads are generally bumped into the category of Pay Per Click with the same category of Google AdWords. Although they have some same features, advertising on both requires a lot different approach.

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Google AdWords, for beginners, is the search criteria based platform. When someone searches for something else, you can use Google ads for showing your ads on their screen. The appropriate position of your ad will be decided by your bid and undoubtedly your website quality.

The only way you can gauge user intent is by the specific queries they enter. In this way, Google ads are an easy way out to approach.

Whereas, on Facebook, users are not intentionally searching for any specific thing. In fact, they are searching not at all. The users are there to socialize, pass the time, or exploring content.

Irrespective of the option to drill down to, ensure your ads are reaching the targeted audience, the one likely to be interested in your service or product.

So, to resolve the potential conflict, intent-based targeting is the most essential factor to make your Facebook ads a success.

Measuring Intent With Facebook Ads

While working with Google, you can identify the buyer intent with the phrase they enter into search queries. Whereas, on Facebook, it is all about behavior, through audience target.

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It works like,

When you launch Facebook ads, the prior most choice you have to make is about your target audience.

  • Custom audience
  • Look-alike audience
  • Core audience

Opt for the specified decision, to make Your Facebooks ads successful.

Aligning Your Facebook Ads With Sales Funnel

Choosing the proper audience targeting is vital when it comes to Facebook ads. In addition, to whom it should be reaching, you should be careful what you are telling them.

This is where the understanding of your company’s sales funnel and the intent of your targeted audiences comes into play.

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Putting It All Together

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