Is Your Travel Website Impaired?

Having An Optimized Sales Funnel Can Do Wonders For Travel Websites. Learn 7 Expert Tips …

Traveling businesses have it hard. From booking flights, zeroing on a hotel, making a reservation for cruises so on so forth, the competition to convert every visitor into a customer is fierce!

All thanks to the protracted and highly-personalized marketing funnel that enables visitors to surf and act at their whim and fancy but ending with little to no business.

As per Littledata survey including 179 Travel stores in May 2019, the average conversion rate for Travel was 0.6%.

If you’re facing the heat of acute competition from other travel sites, you aren’t alone!  Herein, we bring 7 intuitive tips that can boost the conversion rate of your travel website:

1. Grow Extra Neurons To Cut Through Personalization

A lot of travel browsing happens according to key search parameters such as date, location, budget, number of travelers to find the right package

The first impression can be THE last chance for your website; an Impressive home page is no longer an option but ESSENTIAL!

Create a landing page with intuitive design including search fields to cut short the chase for your website visitors. Easy and faster navigation saves time and efforts and plunges your visitors towards the real conversion.

Make smart use of drop-down menus, search fields, calendar, special deals/discounts and many similar options to declutter the job for visitors.

Alternatively, you can check out Click funnels  that has inbuilt template for setting up web pages the way you like!

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2. Blow Your Trumpet

If you have it, then show it!

Make sure your site visitors know of something exclusive that your travel portal is known for. Feed them with some interesting information that compels them to make a conversion sooner than you imagine.

Let your customers know the benefits that put you ahead of many others in the same trade. And that too in explicitly on the landing page!  Create a terrific design copy for the landing page that underpins your USP to push the visitors for instant conversion.

3. Don’t Make Visitors Aimlessly Wander On Website

Having an ill-planed sales funnel can sabotage your sales conversion.

From providing compendious information to placing a suitable call to action, every little step matters. The lack of it, most first-time site visitors are likely to leave the site in frustration.

Many people repeatedly visit your site to review the bookings, update some information, seek some exclusive deal or even cancel travel plans altogether.

Make sure Sign-up or login buttons are captivating to grab the attention. Often, ill-planned and designed CTA text can jeopardize your conversion pushing the visitor off the site.

Your CTA must be crystal clear for users to act on, and not confuse them to abandon your website for another competitor site.

Use intelligent and optimized registration forms with only relevant fields and not extraneous details that can bounce off the visitors.

To make a better judgment, make use of the A/B test to get a fair insight into what sort of changes bring in more conversion for your business.

Learn more tips to strengthen your sales funnel !

4. Cross-Selling

Offering your customers something extra what they are looking for is an unsaid rule of the service industry.

In the travel industry, if your customer is only booking for air flights, offer them the complementary options for affordable hotel accommodation, rental cars, cruises so on so forth.

That’s how it should be!

Forge friendly business connections with local vendors for mutual benefits. This bundled travel package meets a number of their essential needs on a single website, and they don’t have to meander online.

5. Choose To Be Mobile Responsive

Having a travel website that does not run on your smartphone, tablets, or any other devices forebode bad news for your business.

As per Global Digital World 2019, the number of people using mobile phones has witnessed a big spike of 100 million in 2018 with the global figure cross the mark of 5.1 billion users by January 2019.

Get your act together!

Leverage the potential of having a mobile responsive website that can run on all screen resolutions. Have all the features and functionalities available to all your visitors Android, iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle, Blackberry and more

6.  Online  Reviews Are Not Over-RATED

Many travelers check for online reviews before making online bookings. Especially the young travelers – Millennials and Gen -Z – they primarily rely on the online reputation of the company before they wire the money!

As per a research from TrustYou, 83% of visitors vouch for online reviews to influence their decision before making the final decision.

From checking the hotel reviews, food, and other travel experiences, young travelers look for validation online to make an informed and confident decision.

Instead of creating bogus reviews, exert efforts to generate genuine feedback from your customers. Request them to rate and share their positive reviews on social media sites to build an online reputation.

Add online reviews and rating scores on the website to help users gain trust in your company. The best, publish the reviews just next to the specific hotels, or other services to shorten the customer journey down the sales funnel.

7.  Walk An Extra Mile To Stand Out

Let’s face it: the online travel and hospitality industry is immensely competitive.  You must do something different to gain a competitive edge over others.

Ponder over what can draw the cards on your side? For instance, Kayak did something amazing with an ‘Explore’ Tool that can customize your search for popular places to travel within your budget.

Check out the past booking history of your customers to know them better and offer recommendations that push them to do business with you. 

Create a sense of urgency with limited offers or discounts on travel deals. The fear of losing something your customers actually desire you can push the right buttons!

What Would You Do Next?

We have chalked down some seven odd points that can bring back momentum and boost conversions on your travel website. Transform these words into real action to enjoy the love and appreciation from your visitors.

Make your first-time visitors turn steady customers!

Good Luck!

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.