Smarten Up To Data Science To Empower Sales Funnel

Data has become the new oil for countries around the globe.

Gone are the generic or standard strategies to boost your sales. The benign-looking bits of data collected from your website or mobile app holds a wealth of information to shape your next sales strategy and decide business growth.

Over the years, there has been a natural change in the way sales funnels function with user data ( or intent) gaining prominence. In fact, sales professionals have to wake up to the situation and accept the importance of data to reframe their strategies to meet the business goals.

What Exactly is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that employs advanced processes, algorithms, and systems to gather actionable insights from structured and unstructured data.

User behavior is complex and no better than the marketers and sales professionals know about it. You certainly need advanced tools and technologies to extract and assess the finest bits of customer data to derive valuable conclusions that help you manage sales funnel.

Have a look at the burgeoning model of Sales funnel that lines out the relevance of user intent and consideration as a user walks to the bottom.

Here in this blog, we will shed light on how you can pick the vital cues from various data points to gain the momentum back on your sales.

  • Create Awareness To Gain Leads

Gaining sales leads is no less than a herculean task. However, having the right data at the right time can make way for a proficient sales funnel.

Get a closer look into your target market to derive high-value lead magnets that resonate with your actual customers. You can use Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and many such tools to know how your website is fairing up to make suitable modifications to improve user engagement and encourage lead generation.

Reformulate your organic and paid traffic with the crucial data that makes for an effective and winning sales funnel.

If in confusion,  you can seek the assistance of ClickFunnels to build a powerful sales funnel. Gain insight into your existing sales funnels and get data-oriented solutions to automate the entire process.

  • Manage Leads For Sustainable Profit

Gaining a customer is not the end of the job. In fact, it is the beginning of a long overhaul. At least this is what marketers would like to believe in as they craft valuable strategic sales solutions.

Make use of intelligent tools such as launching a drip campaign emails enabling your customers to know your products better. If played with tact, you can determine the weak points as the customer starts learning your product.

How about conducting a quick survey to know the first impression? Do not linger on the surface and instead take a deep dive to engage with them and collect vital data and information.

You can bank on many multifaceted software and tools that can seamlessly manage your client contacts and provide tailored data-oriented solutions to maintain 100% client satisfaction.

Gain brand awareness with personalized solutions. Make smarter use of analytics to discover advanced solutions to nurture customer relationships. And of course, you can fix up any issues that have come forth after onboarding the customers for improving the retention.

  • Nurture Leads For Long-Term Association

Are you taking care of your leads? Do they feel left out? Is the client retention nosediving? Many such questions are worth pondering over if you have failed to meet the sales target.

As per MarketingSherpa, “79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. All this boils down to the lack of focus towards managing the leads.

There can be many reasons behind the poor sales performance. From targeting the unqualified leads to carelessly doling out money on misdirected goals, you’re surely going wrong somewhere in taking care of the leads.

Remember, buyers are getting smarter which means you have to grow some extra neurons to get their attention before anyone else does. And what better than getting real-time data can help you!

Make use of latest lead nurturing software and other tools that can automate your sales funnel whilst saving your time and efforts.

In the end …

Whether it’s gaining or retaining highly-qualified leads, build your sales funnel on the strong foundation on sound data analytics. This arms your sales team with all the concrete information to convince the audience to make informed decisions in your favor.

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